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So many books, so little time...how can you possibly choose from thousands of titles?
Let the experts sort through the zillions of possibilities for you, or ask your friendly neighborhood children's library specialist for help. We love to talk about our favorite books!

Arbuthnot, May - JR 028.5 AR1CB7
Children's Books Too Good to Miss.  

Association for Library Service to Children -  j028.5 AS78A4
Let's Read Together: Books for Family Enjoyment.  

Barstow, Barbara - j011 B28B
Beyond Picture Books: A Guide to First Readers.  

Baskin, Barbara - JR 010 B292M
More Notes From a Different Drummer: A Guide to Juvenile Fiction Portraying the Disabled.  

Bauer, Caroline - j028.5 B326C
Celebrations: Read-Aloud Holiday and Theme Book Programs.  

Bauer, Caroline - j372.6 B326H
Handbook for Storytellers.  

Bauer, Caroline - JR 027.62 B326R
Read for the Fun of It: Active Programming with Books for Children.  

Bauermeister, Erica - JR 001 B326L
Let's Hear It for the Girls: 375 Great Books for Readers 2-14.  

Beers, G. Kylene - 028.5 G137B
Books for You: An Annotated Booklist for Senior High.  

Bishop, Rudine - JR 016.305 K124K 
Kaleidoscope: A Multicultural Booklist for Grades K-8.  

Bodart, Joni - j028.5 B631B2
Booktalk! 2: Booktalking for All Ages and Audiences.  

Bodart, Joni - j028.1 B631W
World's Best Thin Books.   
Carroll, Frances - JR 011 C236M
More Exciting, Funny, Scary, Short, Different, and Sad Books Kids Like About Animals, Science, Sports, Families, Songs, and Other Things.  

Carter, Betty - JR 011 C245B2
Best Books for Young Adults.  

Cascardi, Andrea - 011 C265G  
Good Books to Grow On: A Guide to Building Your Child's Library From Birth to Age 5.  

(No Author) - JR 011 C452C V.1
Choices : A Core Collection for Young Reluctant Readers.  

Cianciolo, Patricia - 028.5 C481P3
Picture Books for Children.  

(No Author) - 011 C812C
Coretta Scott King Awards Book, From Vision to Reality.  

Cullum, Carolyn  - j027.6 C898S
Storytime Sourcebook.  

Elleman, Barbara - JR 010 P819P 
Popular Reading for Children II.  

Estes, Sally - JR 028.5 P819PO
Popular Reading for Children III.  

Estes, Sally - JR 028.5 P819PO4
Popular Reading for Children IV.  

Freeman, Judy - JR 011 F877B2
Books Kids Will Sit Still For.  

Friedberg, Joan - j011 F913A  
Accept Me as I Am : Best Books of Juvenile Nonfiction on Impairments and Disabilities.  

Gillespie, John - j028.5 G397B3 
Best Books for Children : Preschool Through the Middle Grades.  

Gillespie, John - JR 028 G397J3
Juniorplots 3 : A Book Talk Guide for Use with Readers Ages 12-16.  

(No Author) -  011 G919G
Growing Up is Hard to Do.  

Hearne, Betsy - j028.5 H351CH
Choosing Books for Children : A Commonsense Guide.  

Helbig, Alethea - JR 016.81 H366T
This Land is Our Land : A Guide to Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults.  

(No Author) -  JR 027.6 H537H
High/Low Handbook : Books, Materials, and Services for the Teenage Problem Reader.  

Howard, Elizabeth - j016.8 H832A 
America as Story : Historical Fiction for Secondary Schools.  

Hopkins, Lee - j028.5 H775B
Best of Book Bonanza.  

Jones, Dolores - JR 028.5 J713C2
Children's Literature Awards and Winners.  

Kimmel, Margaret - j028 K571F
For Reading Out Loud! A Guide to Sharing Books with Children.  

Kobrin, Beverly - j028.5 K799E
Eyeopeners! How to Choose and Use Children's Book About Real People, Places, and Things.

Landsberg, Michele - 028.5 L239R
Reading for the Love of It : Best Books for Young Readers.  

Larrick, Nancy - 028.5 L328P5
Parent's Guide to Children's Reading.  

Liggett, Twila -  j011 L626R
Reading Rainbow Guide to Children's Books.  

Lima, Carolyn - JR 011 L628A2
A to Zoo : Subject Access to Children's  Picture Books.  

Lipson, Eden - 011 L669N
New York Times Parent's Guide to the Best Books for Children.  

(No Author) - JR 051 M27M
Magazines for Kids and Teens : A Resource for Parents, Teachers, Librarians, and Kids!  

Marantz, Sylvia - JR 016.62 M325M
Multicultural Picture Books : Art for Understanding Others.  

Miller-Lachmann, Lyn - JR 011 M619O
Our Family, Our Friends, Our World : An Annotated Guide to Significant Multicultural Books for Children and Teenagers.  

National Council of Teachers of English -   j016 N213AD
Adventuring With Books : A Booklist for Pre-K-Grade 6. 

National Council of Teachers of English - j028.5 N213H6  
High Interest -- Easy Reading : A Booklist for Junior and Senior High School Students.  

(No Author) - JR 011 N42N
New Books Kids Like.  

Nichols, Judy - j027.62 N517S
Storytimes for Two-Year-Olds.  

Odean, Kathleen - JR 028.1 OD2GB
Great Books for Babies and Toddlers.   

Odean, Kathleen - j028.1 OD2G
Great Books for Boys.  

Odean, Kathleen - JR 011 OD2G
Great Books for Girls.  

Oppenheim, Joanne - JR 028.5 OP5C
Choosing Books for Kids : Choosing the Right Book for the Right Child at the Right Time.  

Pilla, Marianne -   j106.37 P644B
Best High/Low Books for Reluctant Readers.  

Pilla, Marianne -   j016.37 P644R 
Resources for Middle-Grade Reluctant Readers : A Guide for Librarians. 

(No Author.) -  JR 028.5 P819P
Popular Reading for Children II.  

(No Author.)  - JR 028.5 P819PO
Popular Reading for Children III.   JR 028.5 P819PO

Reed, Arthea - 028.5 R251C
Comics to Classics : A Parent's Guide to Books for Teens and Preteens.  

Richardson, Selma -    JR 051 R396M2
Magazines for Children : A Guide for Parents, teachers, and Librarians.

Rochman, Hazel - j027.62 R588T  
Tales of Love and Terror : Booktalking the Classics, Old and New.  

Rossi, Mary - 028.5 R735R  
Read to Me! Teach Me!  

Sherman, Gale - JR 028.5 SH55R
Rip-Roaring Reads for Reluctant Teen Readers.  

Thomas, James - 028.5 T364P
Play, Learn and Grow : An Annotated Guide to the Best Books and Materials for Very Young Children.  

Thomas, Rebecca -  j011 T366P 
Primaryplots : A Book Talk Guide for Use with Readers Ages 4-8. 

Thomas, Rebecca -  JR 011 T366P2
Primaryplots 2 : A Book Talk Guide for Use with Readers Ages 4-8.  

Totter, Herman - JR 016.305 T641C
Culturally Diverse Library Collections for Children.  

Volz, Bridget - JR 016.813 V889J
Junior Genreflecting : A Guide to Good Reads and Series Fiction for Children.  

White, Valerie - j011 W586CH 
Choosing Your Children's Books : 2 to 5 Years.  

White, Valerie - j011 W586C
Choosing Your Children's Books : 8 to 12 Years.  

Winkel, Lois - j011 W728M 
Mother Goose Comes First : An Annotated Guide to the Best Books and Recordings for Your Preschool Child.  

(No Author) - j011 Y88Y7 
Your Reading : A Booklist for Junior High and Middle School Students.   

Compiled by Laura Shomshak, Librarian, Children's Services, Tacoma Public Library, 1102 Tacoma Ave So, Tacoma, WA 98402

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