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Murray's People: A collection of essays

Table of Contents

Murray Morgan on Murray Morgan
Nelson Bennett and the Stampede Pass Tunnel
J. Ross Browne and Port Townsend
George W. Bush and the Simmons Party
At 82, Above Seattle Photographer is Still On the Way Up
Jumbo and Mrs. General Cantwell
William Combe: Writer Describes Things Not Seen
Since 1892, Rapid Transit Plans Have Been Up in the Air
Nicholas Delin and his Mill
Cub Reporter Scooped Them All On Amelia's Rescue
Clinton P. Ferry, Duke of Tacoma
Old Bill Fife Played Song of Success in Early Tacoma
Thea Foss Waterway From Mudflats to Tomorrow's Parks
George Browne Becomes a Useful Member of the Tacoma Community
The Man Who Gave Us Acres and Acres of Flowers
George Cotterill, Hiram Gill and the Potlatch Riots
Billy Gohl of Grays Harbor
Financial Flight of the America
Quiet Leonard Howarth Was a Giant in Tacoma's Finances
The Ms. Chief and the Big Trees
Nena Jolindon-Croake, Mystery Feminist of Tacoma
Rudyard Kipling and Tacoma
J. Ham Lewis, the Best-Dressed Politician of His Day
Doc Maynard and the Indians, 1852-1873
McCarver, Carr & Tacoma
The John Meares Expeditions
Mercer's Maidens
Surprise Visitor at Nootka Sound
Vic Meyers Enters Politics
Harry Morgan and his Business
Political Refugee Hoped Northwest Was His Passage to Freedom
Norman Smith the Port Angeles Promoter
Frederick Law Olmstead and Tacoma
Alexander Pantages
Peter Puget on Puget's Sound
Not Much in Puget Sound Impressed Early Day Travel Writer
Robinson at Nisqually
Frank Ross Saw Tacoma's Destiny in World Commerce
George D. Shannon: Moving the Capital to Muddy Hogham
Henry Warre and Merwin Vavasour, British Spies
The Several Lives of John C. Stevenson
Strange's Song
Jane O'Roark and Gustave Stromer Were Fated to Have a Brief Flight Together in Tacoma
James G. Swan, Promoter
Thomson Didn't Climb, He Dug
Henry Tukeman: Mammoth's Roar Was Heard All the Way to the Smithsonian
Mark Twain in the Northwest
The Tools of Democracy and the Woolly Rhinoceros Eaters
The Commodore and the Cannibals
Victor Smith, Port Townsend and the Customs House
# # #